Food is the priority for the people, and it is inevitable for development to open up the pig industry chain through "Internet +" and achieve product traceability.

Adhering to the mission of "health, safety, deliciousness, and low cost", Yangxiang combined with the wisdom of industrial scientists and IT engineers to create an industrial Internet-based industrial model of feeding, raising, slaughtering, and business integration with pig raising in smart buildings as the core. Create a high-end intelligent "meat factory", establish an internal traceability system based on the pig production process, and an external traceability system based on the supply chain of pork products, and realize the seamless integration and integration of the information flow of the two internal and external traceability systems Transparent traceability, to achieve the purpose of traceability of the source of pork products, traceability of flow, information inquiries, and product recall. At the same time, it reduces the cost of transaction links, reduces the risk of pig cycle fluctuations, realizes precise nutrition, controllable environment, intelligent production, and online supervision.









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