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Yangxiang Shares Establishes the Breeding Pig Business Division Which Focuses on Transmission of Excellent Pig Genes


On Jan. 14, Yangxiang Shares declared to officially establish the Breeding Pig Business Division for the overall arrangement of genetic breeding, breeding pig production, boar breeding, the production, sales and service business of breeding pig fodder. The Breeding Pig Business Division of Yangxiang Shares will focus on the transmission of excellent pig genes and highly integrates the whole process of gene, breeding, production, logistics, delivery and tracing. It provides users with a comprehensive service solution of high-quality and highly reliable gene improvement with quick delivery and furthest discover good gene potential to help pig farm efficiently reduce cost and promote high-quality development of pig seed industry.

The Xiubo pig fodder is deemed as the most well-known spirit of Yangxiang Shares all the time. The new Breeding Pig Business Division is not only the provider of pig fodder and breeding pig, but also the spreader of excellent gene. It will form the closed-loop seed selection, selective breeding, production, sales, logistics and service from top research and development to product delivery, and offers the optimal product and service experience value to users. (Yang Donglan) 

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