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Stand Together through Storm and Stress! Yangxiang Donated RMB 1 Million to Support Henan

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In recent days, Henan province has continued to experience large-scale heavy rainfall, which affects the hearts of the people across the country.

When disaster struck, help came from all sides! Faced with the emergency flood prevention situation, Yangxiang actively responded to the official call and donated RMB 1 million to Henan to ensure the personal safety of the local disaster-stricken victims and the supply of life and flood prevention materials.

There are also many Yangxiang people actively donating money to cheer for Henan with their own strength. The donations will be uniformly donated by Yangxiang Charity Foundation.


(Yangxiang employees continue to donate to the Yangxiang Charity Foundation)

March together in wind and rain to overcome difficulties. Yangxiang will continue to pay attention to the disaster situation in Henan and do its utmost to fight floods and disaster relief!

Go Henan! Our sincere thoughts are with you!

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