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On April 14, Yangxiang held an all-hands meeting with the theme of "Fight the protracted war against ASF and open a new chapter in swine industry". The meeting summarized and reviewed the business performance in 2020 and the first quarter of 2021, and put forward working ideas on issues such as "structural" ASF prevention and control, industrial upgrading, raising pigs easily and living happily, and improving staff quality of life, so as to jointly look forward to the future development.


The meeting was presided over by Chairman Mo Jinzhi, and all employees attended the meeting either on-site or through online video access.


(Meeting site)


1. "Create a new form of pig raising"-Shi Liang


China swine industry feels the pain of various diseases in long run and raising environment is relatively poor. Especially in the current background of ASF popularity, living quality in pig farm is facing many restrictions, which will become the norm for a long time. While people are the fundamental of farm operation. How to improve the happiness of farm staff living and liberate the "confines" deserves consideration of the industry.


"Raise pigs easily and live happily” is exactly what Yangxiang has been pursuing.


At the meeting, CEO Shi Liang shared the company's efforts to optimize the living and working environment of pig farms and improve the happiness of employees' lives on the theme of "creating a new form of pig raising".


"As of today, everyone has made a lot of efforts and ASF control achieved good results. But at the same time, we are also thinking about how to raise pigs easier and make staff live happier in farm, not only focusing on production performance and operation in the future, but also focusing on pig industry which is special. This is Yangxiang’s goal and also Yangxiang’s industry responsibility.”

CEO Shi Liang points out that from the industry level, the “pain” of pig farmers is that there are problems such as unfree movement, simple living conditions, and complicated work. From the company level, it is found after investigation that problems are mainly difficult to going on vacation during closing farm period, small space for activities, and slow Internet connections.


"The root cause of pain lies in three aspects. The 1st is the prevention and control of diseases, such as ASF, PRRS, PRV, FMD, piglet diarrhea, etc.; the 2nd is the backwardness of technology, backward intelligent technology and backward pig raising technology; the 3rd is lack of investment, including hardware investment and software investment." CEO Shi Liang analyzed.

As a company dedicated to building a "family culture" and paying attention to employee care, Yangxiang has been using technology to change pig raising for many years, while also improving and enhancing the lives of employees so that employees can "raise pigs easily and live happily". Yangxiang makes continuous efforts to achieve this goal.


Faced with the new situation under ASF, Yangxiang also quickly proposed a solution.


CEO Shi Liang mentioned, "In order to make the work easier for employees, firstly, Yangxiang introduced structural and intelligent ASF prevention and control, i.e. "Iron Barrel Pig Farm" + service center to realize effective and efficient ASF prevention and control; secondly, raise pigs through hardware and intelligence, introduce multi-floor intelligent pig raising, greatly liberate the hands and brains of employees; thirdly is to make life happier, especially the establishment of Employee’s Life Improvement Department, solve staff life problems accordingly with organizations and mechanisms, and promote the construction of corporate culture from top to bottom, so that employees can gain both materially and spiritually."


In the future, through continuous efforts, Yangxiang hopes to not only introduce a new form of work and life for pig raising, but also share successful practical experience with the industry, so that all pig farmers can raise pigs easily and live happily!


2. Yangxiang is already on the road of " raising pigs easily "


Under the guidance of the concept of "Technology changes the swine industry", Yangxiang has made the leap from traditional pig raising to Internet pig raising, construction of "5+1" pig raising capacity, application and practice of multi-floor pig raising, and promotion of the industrial Internet·· ····Ideas become reality one by one, and Yangxiang is already on the road to raising pigs easily.

Chairman Mo Jinzhi said, “Yangxiang has always paid attention to the investment in employees’ lives, whether in hardware or software. The newly established Employee’s Life Improvement Department is also set up to improve employee welfare and will build a complete system to continuously promote the work. We have this kind of determination."


"Where is the pig farm, there is the home ", Yangxiang will continue to work hard to enhance the sense of family and growth so that employees can feel the warmth and care of home at the pig farm.


3.  Yangxiang’s method to prevent and control ASF


ASF prevention and pig preservation an issue that should not be neglected but treated seriously.

President of Pig Production Department, Mr. Zhang Conglin, analyzed the current situation of ASF and the company's ASF prevention work.

"Since the end of last year, the situation of ASF has been severe again, especially in the north and central areas. With the arrival of the rainy season, the pressure of preventing ASF in the south has increased, and the epidemic has triggered a massive sell-off and led to the collapse of pig prices. Obviously, whoever can keep the pigs will be able to seize the opportunity again."


Yangxiang's "structured" ASF prevention is constantly upgrading. At the same time, relying on the team, system and staff's executive ability, the company has achieved relatively ideal ASF prevention results. However, from April to June, with the arrival of high temperature and rainy season, ASF prevention will enter the "critical period" again. All staff must keep attention and vigilance, and do well in the following aspects:


1) Prevention: focus on prevention, whether we can prevent "new and old ASF viruses"

2) Early: early clinical discovery

3) Accurate: accurate diagnosis

4) Elimination: "accurate elimination" on ASF viruses

5) Execution and protracted war


"We must be prepared for a protracted battle with ASF, and we must persist. Whether it is for the company or for individuals, there will be a lot of room for development after persistence. We must also have confidence in raising pigs and work hard for all employees. We will definitely be able to create another success in raising pigs," Mr. Zhang Conglin finally encouraged everyone.


(ASF prevention on-site inspection at Yangxiang pig farm)


Following the concepts of “mutual aid, forge ahead, and share”, in 2021, Yangxiang people will not only raise pigs with a down-to-earth approach, but also not be afraid of challenges, explore and innovate, focuse on the integrated mode of “feed production, pig production, slaughtering, and food marketing”, and make unremitting efforts to promote industrial upgrading and development, and make continuous efforts to achieve the goal of "raise pigs easily and live happily", and we must strive to provide the public with healthy, safe, delicious and convenient food!

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