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Record of ASF prevention activity during Tom Sweeping Day |An iron army is convened upon call and fights bravely

source:Yangxiang Co.,Ltd.
author:Yangxiang Co.,Ltd.

A three-day holidays during Tom Sweeping Day is a rare chance for people to reunite with families, to travel and to relax. However, for Yangxiang’s employee, it’s a difficult time with biosecurity challenge and ASF control. 

During the Tom Sweeping Day, the flow of people, logistics, and vehicles has increased dramatically, directly increasing the pressure on the prevention and control of ASF. During the critical period of resuming production of pigs, maintaining the achievement of ASF prevention at the early stage and stabilizing production and supply are not only related to the future destiny of the company, but also to pork supply of the public!.

“ASF control and prevention system must be upgraded since ASF virus become more complex and virulent; Yangxiang still need to fight against ASF tenaciously”, ASF control is a battle of will and a protracted battle, and the perseverance of all staff is the key. In Tom Sweeping Day of this year, Yang Xiang’s employee work together again to fight ASF and to make sure our farms are safe at the cost of their holiday. 

 After the busy work at daytime, work group have meeting and discussion in the evening.

▲Iron army of ASF prevention is convened, everyone will perform their duties and makes preparation for ASF control in Tom Sweeping Day.

▲Complete the work meticulously, focus on details

Clean and disinfect vehicles strictly

▲Finish lunch quickly since time is not enough and work is a lot

Patiently guide every passing vehicle

Everyone is ready, Carry out ASF prevention deployment

Colleagues who usually sit in the office now carry heavy buckets full of disinfectant on their shoulders and walk on the mountain roads.

Women workers treat every group of people with patience and care

▲Colleagues in the reception team don’t know how many times a day they need to perform such work procedures as inquiring, finding shoes, and packing itemsColleagues in the reception team don’t know how many times a day they need to perform such work procedures as inquiring, finding shoes, and packing items.

Post slogans in multiple places to inform people to pay attention to the prevention of ASF, COVID-19 and fire

▲Clean rainshoes, make sure the safety of feet

Everyone have great power to build the “bronze and iron walls” together.

Yangxiang is always with you to prevent ASF and COVID-19

Sort out rainshoes and number them one by one

After a busy day, everyone is so tired that they can lie down and sleep in seconds

"The sky is quilt and the ground is bed." Yang Xiang's "Iron Army" used their bodies to build an "iron and copper wall" for the pig farm.

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