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Yangxiang 2021 New Comers Training Camp丨How unique and young they are!

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Spring is a season of hope

In March, Yangxiang also ushered in its “hope” one after another

More than 230 fresh graduates from China Agricultural University, Huazhong Agricultural University, Hunan Agricultural University and other universities across the country

Participated in Yangxiang 2021 New Comers Training Camp successively

Added new strength to the company’s talent team building

Let's take a look at those unique and young new faces!

To make fresh graduates adapt to the working environment as soon as possible

Yangxiang organizes New Comers Training Camp in every March and July

To help them quickly change roles

Lay a good foundation for subsequent practice

Ms. Mo Jinzhi, Chairman of Yangxiang, concerned about these young graduates

Also took time out of her busy schedule to attend the opening ceremony

And introduced Yangxiang’s industrial Internet road to trainees

Facing the “uncertainty” of future

She encouraged everyone to work harder and fight for the dream!

Mr. Li Yaohua, HR Director of Yangxiang, also extended a warm welcome to trainees

He said that trainees joining Yangxiang on this occasion would witness and experience

Every step in the process of company’s integration of “feed production, pig production, slaughtering, and food marketing” in the whole industry chain

Yangxiang had always advocated that those who achieve great things must start from the grassroots

Trainees would face different environments at the scene

He hoped everyone would look at the surrounding environment with appreciation

Which could be helpful to faster career development!

As a technology-based agricultural and animal husbandry company that values talents

Yangxiang always regards talents as the most precious wealth

In recent years, the company has continuously strengthened the construction of the talent team

Proportion of graduate students, doctors, professors and other high-level talents is increasing year by year

And successively establishes Yangxiang Research Institute, Post-doctoral Research Workstation

Strong scientific and technological innovation atmosphere of Yangxiang

Attracts more and more talents to join

And explore more possibilities of “Technology changes swine industry”

Standing on the new starting point of creating an integration of “feed production, pig production, slaughtering, and food marketing” in the whole industry chain

The joining of young comers will add more vitality into the company's development!

Cease to struggle and you cease to live.

At a new beginning in life, I hope that new comers can spread their wings and soar in Yangxiang, give full play to their talents, and work together to realize the dream of making China a leading country in international pig industry!

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