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Hog Circulation Biosecurity Conference in Guangxi ASF Free Areas Was Held in Yangxiang Headquarters

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On September 25, 2020, Yangxiang passed the on-site evaluation of ASF Free Area conducted by Guangxi experts’ team;

On November 5, 2020, Yangxiang passed the on-site evaluation of ASF Free Area conducted by national experts’ team;

On February 3, 2021, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs announced the list of ASF Free Areas, which covered Yangxiang. 

On March 3, it was successfully to hold "Hog Circulation Biosecurity Conference of Guangxi ASF Free Areas" in Yangxiang headquarters. This conference aimed to promote the implementation of the document "Strengthen the Epidemic Prevention Management of Livestock and Poultry Transportation Vehicles in Guangxi" and communicate the relevant issues on the construction of livestock circulation platform in Guangxi ASF Free Areas.


On December 25, 2020, Department of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Guangxi issued the notice on "Strengthen the Epidemic Prevention Management of Livestock And Poultry Transportation Vehicles in Guangxi". The notice pointed out that the first is to strengthen the registration management of pig transport vehicles; the second is to strengthen the disinfection management of livestock and poultry transport vehicles; the third is to strengthen the whole process biosecurity management and control of livestock and poultry transport vehicles; the fourth is to strengthen the organization and leadership to ensure the effective implementation of various work.


The notice will be officially implemented on April 1, 2021.

At the venue


 At the conference, government, companies, colleges and associations conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the theme of the meeting.


(Report by Sun Huiyi, Deputy Secretary General of China Animal Agriculture Logistics Association)

Mrs. Sun Huiyi summarized the current situation of livestock cleaning and disinfection industry:


1) The market is huge, and existing cleaning and disinfection spots are still unable to meet the demand;

2) Lack of standards, lack of policy guidance and market guidance, inspection and quarantine has no regulation to follow;

3) Lack of supervision, lack of effective supervision system and management plan;

4) Two level differentiation; high cost / low efficiency, high construction and operation costs, no effective resource integration.


According to the current problems faced by the industry, Mrs. Sun Huiyi put forward relevant measures according to the information obtained in the survey, as well as the difficulties faced by the implementation of measures, hoping that this meeting can promote the solution of the difficulties.



(Report by Qian Tao, Deputy Director of Yangxiang Logistics Center)


 Surround the situation under ASF and COVID-19, intelligent logistics park plan and construction of network freight platform, Mr. Qian Tao reported guests about Yangxiang's plan and gave feedback on the practical difficulties encountered in the implementation of the plan.


 "It is necessary and urgent to build the supply chain of agriculture, animal husbandry and food. At present, Yangxiang has been actively acting and exploring, and will accumulate experience through this scenario to support the future architecture of the entire industrial Internet platform." Mr. Qian Tao said.

(Participants discussing)


 At the end of the conference, participants discussed the contents of above reports, and relevant leaders gave targeted opinions on the issues raised by Mrs. Sun Huiyi and Mr. Qian Tao.


(Group photo of participants)

 Around four topics, government, industry associations, companies and colleges conducted in-depth discussions on the supervision of hog movement, prevention and control of ASF and COVID-19, and biosecurity of live pigs at this conference, and put forward effective suggestions for the following prevention and control work towards ASF and COVID-19.


As the vice president unit of China Animal Agriculture Logistics Association and the executive vice president unit of Guigang Logistics Association, Yangxiang hopes to contribute to the construction of hog circulation biosecurity in Guangxi ASF Free Areas and food safety.

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