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Yangxiang Was Selected as National ASF Free Area

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On February 3, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs announced the list of 62 African Swine Fever(ASF) Free Areas, and Yangxiang was on the list.

According to Animal Epidemic Prevention Law of the People’s Republic of China, Measures for Evaluation and Management of Specified Animal Epidemic Free Areas and relevant regulations, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs conducted a national evaluation of ASF Free Areas after Yangxiang passing the provincial evaluation.

On September 25, 2020, Yangxiang successfully passed the provincial evaluation of ASF Free Area conducted by Guangxi experts team, and on November 5, 2020, Yangxiang successfully passed the national evaluation.

According to evaluation experts, Yangxiang ASF Free Areas has established and effectively operated the biosecurity management system. Over the past 12 months, there has been no ASF infection in Yangxiang ASF Free Areas. According to on-site evaluation principle of ASF Free Areas, Yangxiang meets the standard requirements.

It is known that the aim of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs promoting the construction of ASF Free Areas is to establish a normalized prevention and control mechanism, prevent and control ASF based on regions and farms, and promote the improvement of biosecurity level of the whole industrial chain in the region through demonstration.

At present, all provinces are actively promoting the construction of ASF Free Areas.

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