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Guangxi Guigang Super Gene Technology Co., Ltd. was rated as “National Top 5 Excellent Boar Stud”.

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In November, the 2020 CPMIA Fifth China Pig Industry Innovation Development Summit and the Fourth National Animal Husbandry Industry Outstanding Enterprise (First Animal Husbandry Expert) Award Ceremony was held in Xiangyang, Hubei. Guangxi Guigang Super Gene Technology Co., Ltd. (here refer to as Super Gene) was awarded “National Top 5 Excellent Boar Stud in the animal husbandry industry”. 

The purpose of the summit is to discover outstanding pig breeding companies, accelerate the construction of modern pig industry, promote the healthy and sustainable development of China’s pig industry, and realize the leap from a big country in animal husbandry to a strong country in animal husbandry.

 (Awarding Ceremony, representative from Super Gene on the right)

Yangxiang has insisted on breeding for more than 20 years, introduced excellent breeding pigs from abroad, combined with the reality of China, cultivated excellent breeding pigs suitable for Chinese rearing, and carried out in-depth cooperation with Sun Yat-sen University, Huazhong Agricultural University and other colleges and universities to carry out pigs breeding. An excellent breeding research and development team has been formed, and a large-scale modern boar station-Yajishan pig artificial insemination center has been established, and the world’s leading genomic breeding and selection new technologies have been developed to promote the development of breeding. 

(Super Gene and Sun Yat-sen University signed a strategic cooperation agreement on digital breeding)

In 2015, Guangxi Guigang Super Gene Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Yangxiang, was established to take full charge of the operation of the Yajishan  artificial insemination center, open the "Internet + gene" socialized semen supply model, and use technology to promote more professional and advanced breeding. The production performance of GGP, GP, and Parent group has been continuously improved, and the successful application of emerging technologies such as whole-genome breeding has greatly accelerated genetic progress. 

(Multi-floor boar stud of Super Gene in Guangxi) 

Super Gene operates 4 big boar studs in the north and south of China, stocking 5,000 high-quality boars, with an annual production capacity of 10 million doses of semen. After the boar station in Henan is completed and put into production in 2021, boar inventory and production capacity will be further improved, and the ability to "deliver semen whenever the customers need" will be greatly enhanced.

(Multi-floor boar stud of Super Gene in Shenyang) 

In addition, Super Gene continues to optimize its logistics and distribution capabilities. Semen can be delivered nationwide within 24 hours at the earliest, and within 72 hours at the latest in more remote areas. In October of this year, Super Gene also released the “intelligent logistics solution with full traceability” to realize the transparent and traceable logistics from the boar station to the terminal pig farm.

In the future, Super Gene will continue to improve its quality capabilities and intelligent logistics distribution capabilities, provide higher-level genetic services, and bring greater benefits to customers' pig farms.

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