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Yangxiang service center in Zhanjiang, Guangdong took in place


Yangxiang service center in Zhanjiang, Guangdong province officially started business on 18th September.  

This service center was launched following the establishment of Yangxiang service center in Maoming, which will provide comprehensive service in ASF prevention for the customers in areas such as Zhanjiang, Lianjiang, Suixi and Leizhou.

(Farmers visited the service center

Together with the service center in Maoming, Yangxiang’s service center is able to cover the overall pig production in Guangdong, and facilitates the repopulation of Guangdong’s pig farms by its ASF prevention system of “Iron Barrel”, ensuring a healthy and safe environment for the farmers in this area.

Currently, besides the services center in Maoming and Zhanjiang, Yangxiang’s service centers in Naning, Yulin, Guilin, Guigang and Chongzuo were all put into use.

Under the uncertainty brought by ASF, Yangxiang is always committed to its ASF prevention principle of “cut off, detail and security”, and continuously improve its ASF prevention model. The “iron-barrel” style prevention model has demonstrated striking results with success rate of 100% and 99% in sow farms and fattening farms in ASF prevention.    

Yangxiang service center is a platform that empowers pig industry, shares our experience and ASF prevention technologies to all farmers to achieve mutual benefit and win-win. 

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